On 15 December 2023, the HIVE project partners presented the preliminary results to the Steering Committee.

All work package leaders informed the Steering Committee about the achievements of their teams during the year 2023: the consortium has prepared the Handbook of Good Practices for Network Development and Knowledge Exchange within the Consortium Countries and Institutions and its sequel, the Network Integration Action Plan, as well as the Handbook for Supporting Innovations and Businesses, Startups in HEIs, including TT activities. Several partners have started implementing of the vertically integrated project approach in their universities, thus enhancing interdisciplinarity dimensions of their research activities. The consortium partners have collaborated to develop the online training programme “Entrepreneurship: Turning Ideas Into Business”, its first edition being successfully launched between 12 October and 15 December 2023. Apart from that, the project partners have organised extra networking seminars to encourage mutual learning, exchange of experience and sharing of knowledge across their institutions. The KPIs reported so far by the consortium members show that the planned results will be fully achieved.

The Steering Committee members also emphasized their commitment to ensuring sustainability of the project results and their readiness to discuss the roadmap for successful accomplishment of this task.