On 21 March 2023, the Dnipro University of Technology (DniproTech), Ukraine, signed the Financial Support Agreement and the Internal Agreement, becoming an official beneficiary of the EIT Health Grant Agreement and joining the HIVE project.

DniproTech is a leading higher educational institution in Ukraine characterized by a fundamental and systematic academic approach, complex integration of education, research, and innovations, and diversification of international activity. The university focuses on providing innovative development of Ukraine’s economy through implementing high technology solutions and efficient use of natural resources to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

DniproTech’s mission is the evolution of the educational and scientific space based on the principles of academic integrity, universal human values, national identity, and creative formation of the society of the future.

Founded at the end of the 19th century, DniproTech has grown immensely and now boasts an enrolment of more than 11 000 students. DniproTech has a fundamental history in the research of raw materials, follows modern trends in economy and education, actively engages in international cooperation activities, being a member of international educational and scientific organizations and networks, such as EUA, BSUN, EAGE, IUR, IGIP, SEFI, WMC, and WFURS. The University has a strong cooperation network with leading regional state and private enterprises, which provides a platform for joint practical study and research projects for students and staff.