To promote the targeted transfer of innovative research results and knowledge generated by the University of Latvia (UL) to society, as well as to increase the public and economic value and benefits of knowledge created by UL for the growth of the state and regions, the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office has been established at UL. The office will provide various types of support to UL researchers, professors, students, and external partners. The establishment of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office was one of the tasks of the HIVE project.

Universities around the world are establishing separate structural units – technology transfer offices – that provide support to scientists in the transfer of knowledge and commercialization of ideas. Those are helping to achieve greater success in the commercialization of the research and provide assistance in managing of the intellectual property.

The main areas of activity of the UL Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office will be:

  • consultation and support to UL academic staff for innovative research and knowledge transfer,
  • consultation with external partners on cooperation opportunities with UL,
  • creation and maintenance of a centralized database on cooperation opportunities,
  • creation and maintenance of an open-access system for efficient use of widely used modern research and development technology infrastructure,
  • provision of various types of training, organization of support measures for knowledge and technology transfer.

The process of establishing the UL Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office was significantly influenced by the experience of the HIVE project participants and resulted in the recommendation for the launch and operation of such structural unit.