To achieve a greater success in commercializing their research and managing intellectual property, universities around the world create separate structural units – Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) – which provide support to scientists in the transfer of knowledge and commercialization of ideas. Amongst the partners of HIVE project, there are HEIs in which TTOs are separate units, and some for whom establishing of a TTO is one of the tasks in the project implementation.

To make the decision to establish TTO as separate unit or to identify the potential improvements in existing TTOs or related structures, benchmarking and analysis of the current structure and procedures for TTO, as well as the experience of particular HEIs was significant.

Research was conducted to develop and analyse the currently existing structure and procedures for TTO and the experience of individual HEIs and the opportunities within them. The template for Internal benchmarking on the existing structures and procedures at HEI was developed to gather the required information. The template was focused on the current status and capabilities of partner institutions related to research, especially considering vision and mission of each HEI, human resources, support structure, experience, existing network and procedures, Indicator and its value.

Each partner has indicated how TTO operates – internal benchmarking in partner HEIs on technology transfer (past experiences, existing structures and procedures) with additional examples of international, external best practice.

Internal benchmarking shows that the environment at each HEIs is very different from others, and it needs to be approached individually. In this situation, it is helpful to follow data that repeats, because it shows a trend that works. Evidently, the effective trend is the establishment of TTOs as separate legal entities. The private sector and industry prefer this form as a more flexible collaborative process. It is also good to consider why a decentralized model works better in some universities than a centralized form, e.g., a TTO run by the rectorate or another department.

The research includes the analysis of each HEI and suggestions to improve the situation.

The project's overall goal is to develop guidelines and recommendations regarding the steps which HEIs can take to strengthen the HEI transfer structures or to create a TTO as a separate entity. The recommendations have been developed on the basis of information, experience, and good practice of all consortium partners.

The milestone “Decisions on actions for establishment or improvement of TTOs or other related structures” has been developed within the Work Package 1: IVAP implementation and institutional change. Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) is the project participant in charge of Work Package 1.