The aim of this workshop is to allow for a space where EIT’s HEI Initiative projects can learn from each other, while also creating a space for exchange and community-building and providing ideas to support each other in the achievements of the KPIs, objectives and domains where the least change have been achieved. This workshop targets cohort 2 projects and cohort 1 projects are invited as well. In Phase 1, domains that have seen the least significant change based on Phase 1 Review were Domain 5 (Knowledge Sharing) and Domain 3 (Contributing to developing innovations and businesses). Moreover, HEI Cohort 2 projects will learn from experts and HEI cohort 1 projects on lessons learned and best practices during the implementation of their projects in these domains. This will be followed by breakout sessions where projects will discuss in more detail best practices for the implemetation of their projects across the five different domains of the HEI initiative. The ideas generated from the breakout sessions will be brought back in the plenary session before closure. Also, the workshop will introduce the participants to the EIT HEI Initiative Portfolio to show synergies across HEI projects.

Date and time: 10 - 11 May 2023 (10:15 – 13:30 CET).

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